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This is our best valued product we have launched to date. We have combined our top selling products and rolled them into one amazing offer to ensure you get the best results possible month after month.

What's Inside?

1. Totally Brand-New 100% Customized Nutrition Diet Meal Plan

Our expert team of nutritionists will craft a truly custom diet plan for you to follow based on your specific body, wants, and needs. I remember spending $500+ not including the insurance fees to meet with a "doctor" to only be disappointed by the nutrition plan he gave me. It practically starved me and didn't include any foods I actually wanted to eat. That's not how you get results. You should be able to enjoy foods you prefer, avoid foods that you are allergic or sensitive too, and it's not just about eating less.

You get access to the best type of diet meal plan based on where you are at now and the results you want, month by month. Then, our nutritionist will work with you to pinpoint the exact step-by-step eating plan for you to hit your results with 100% accuracy. Plus, you can adapt it alongside our in-house nutritionist team every single month. This is why our meal plans are award-winning and change so many lives. This is the only plan you need to get your eating on track and to stay on track, without starving yourself or feeling deprived.

  • Accelerated Fat Loss (10lbs +) 
  • Fat Loss & Maintenance (10lbs or Less) 
  • Gain Lean Mass

2. Unlimited Access to the uber-successful HIIT Max Elite Membership Program

We listened to the thousands of customers who gave us their ideas to make HIIT Max Elite the #1 fitness community in the world. As a member, you will gain access to the power of a community to keep you accountable, motivated, and tracking your progress:

  • New workout for everyday of the month 
  • Workout program that constantly changes so you never hit a plateau
  • 150+ recipes, updated weekly, designed specifically for YOU Private member's community only for HIIT Max Elite members 
  • One-on-One advice from some of the world's most successful fitness trainers

3.Your Choice of: Boost/Focus

Top-Selling Supplements

You will get priority access to inventory that always sells out - it's like the "fast pass" at Disneyland but without all the foot traffic. You can even change your selection whenever you'd like.

Boost is our fastest-selling supplement of all time, because the fat burning results are just incredible. Backed by years of scientific research, Boost is the first of its kind to truly turn your metabolism into overdrive - without using caffeine as an ingredient to "mask" the effects. Boost actually works by triggering your metabolism to target an extra fat your body is holding onto.

Focus is changing lives by altering your mental state with all-natural ingredients. Instead of spending money on coffee or suffering from the 2-o-clock sluggish feeling, Focus provides mental clarity and focus without the need for a prescription. Immediately start to feel more focused, more mental energy, and a boost in your mood. We've finally unlocked the exact dosage levels to make a profound effect the longer you stay on Focus. And it's not addictive or harmful to your body because weve made it all-natural.

4. Weekly Accountability Calls

Our weekly calls will not only hold you more accountable they will have take your life to the next level. Our group calls happen weekly with new topics that range from, nutrition, personal growth and development, overcoming fears, training, building wealth and so much more!



  • 4-5 Accountability Calls Per Month 
  • Access to Past Calls that you can play back at anytime
  •  Under Ground Accountability App

5. Exclusive Underground Accountability App

Ever feel like you've downloaded app after app to help keep you accountable to your goals, only to find yourself deleting it or forgetting about it after a week? Well If your struggling keeping accountable, look no further. Our underground accountability app is that next layer of accountability. A growing underground community committed & dedicated to pushing each other to live at our best lives at top optimal health levels, like we all deserve. 

The biggest part of being committed, is knowing you are not alone, and you are not alone. Not only do we have multiple servers within the app to hold you more accountable then ever, but were determined & dedicated to take your life to the next level. Our app is on fire daily with various channels that range from, nutrition, recipes, motivation, mindset, mini challenges, secret special offers, all with Michael Morelli Jr. at the forefront.

  • Unlimited 24/7 access to all channels
  • Access to MM with a simple tag
  • Life long friendships and relationships
  • Secret offers and app only discounts
  • In app giveaways and Mini Challenges