REST - Natural Sleep Aid - 100% Organic Tea
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REST - Natural Sleep Aid - 100% Organic Tea
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Whole Chamomile flower and Peppermint leaf, two of the most popular botanical Tisanes, combine to create this relaxing tea. This blend of herbal tea is soothing to drink. Blending just the right amount of peppermint compliments the smoothness of Chamomile. Herbal blends are often consumed for their physical and medicinal effects. This drink is 100% naturally caffeine free! We import the finest ingredients and custom blend and flavor our teas by hand.

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REST is the perfect companion to our top-selling GRIND coffee beans, so you can GRIND all day, and enjoy a cup of REST to hydrate your body, relax your mind, and allow your body to regenerate at the highest level.

Even if you’re lucky enough to be able to sleep 8+ hours per night, the quality of your sleep is what really matters. For example, just 6 hours of proper sleep can be more effective than 9 hours of disruptive sleep patterns. The worst part of it all is that even though tens of millions of Americans suffer from poor sleep, most don’t know it!

The effects of not sleeping properly can be devastating and lead to a myriad of health concerns, including a shortened lifespan.

REST contains zero chemicals or synthetics that could be harmful to your body. It is an all-natural way to finally get the sleep your body is yearning for. Moreover, make your workouts more effective by letting your body generate muscle and BURN FAT better than ever before.