How To Pack On

Up To 10 Pounds

Of Rock Hard Muscle

In Just Eight Weeks...

Especially If:

You’re a “hard gainer” and have trouble gaining muscle...

You have zero weight lifting experience…

You can only spend your lunch hour in the gym…

Article by Michael Morelli Jr.

Dear Friend,

If you struggle to pack on pounds of rock-solid muscle, then you’ll want to read every word on this page. Because I’m about to share a secret. A secret that top bodybuilders, male cover models and even superhero action stars use when they need to pack on pounds of lean muscle - fast!

Who am I to share this secret?

My name is Michael Morelli. And if you’re one of the millions of people who follow me on snapchat, instagram or twitter, you know that I’m one of the most highly respected and transparent fitness gurus in the industry today.

You may also know I have written and published articles for Men’s Health...

And you may have witnessed my incredible transformation, where I lost 27 pounds in only 113 days!

What you may not know is that my mission in life wasn’t only to lose fat, but also to pack on muscle. And that I struggled with this goal for ever. In fact, I was just one step away from turning to steroids and other testosterone enhancement drugs, when I discovered a secret.

The Muscle-Building Secret That Has Changed My Life…

Like most men, I thought the goal of weight-lifting was to lift heavier and heavier weights. And so I followed the routines of top bodybuilders. (And even tried the celebrity workouts they publish after superhero movies.)

I did drop sets. I did supersets. I did crazy exercises that you can’t do at my local gym. (Like flip tires or whip these big, crazy ropes around.)

And… the day after each workout… I was sore… but… I wasn’t packing on muscle. In fact, the body looking back at me from the mirror wasn’t “Thor the Thunder God,” but instead, skinny, little ol’ me.

I was about to throw in the towel and accept I was “stuck” with this much body mass. Until I discovered “TUT”...

The secret that made me look like a KING!

The Secret of “KING TUT” Aka How To Unlock
Your Body’s Natural Testosterone

When I discovered this secret, my very next workout was harder than I’d ever done in my life.
Even though the weights were much, much lighter. And… within weeks…
I’d packed on ten, solid pounds of muscle. With:

  • Absolutely no supplements…
  • Absolutely no drugs…
  • Absolutely the minimum minutes in the gym…

… And I never looked back. Because… before long… I was hauling around fifteen, twenty, even twenty five pounds of firm, hard, lean muscle mass. And I wasn’t the only one to prove these secrets:

When I taught the secret of “TUT” to my friend and MorelliFit trainer, Chris, he was skeptical at first. But he took me on my word and… before long… his body had transformed forever. Now he carries around fifty full pounds of lean, hard muscle mass that he didn’t have before!

All thanks to the secret of “TUT.”

What is “TUT”?
Here’s the BIG SECRET:

“TUT” stands for Time Under Tension.
And it’s the big, best kept secret if you want to pack on lean muscle mass - fast.

You see, heavy weights don’t do anything to build your muscles. In fact, they cause tears in your muscle fibers… which actually makes your muscles weaker!

The reason lifting weights makes your muscles grow is because lifting weights forces your muscles to release a chemical called lactic acid. This is the chemical which gives you that “burn” after your really good sets.
Lactic acid is the muscle building “Miracle Chemical” and it makes you look and feel like a KING.Because Lactic Acid helps your body produce testosterone, human growth hormone… even endorphins and other “feel good” drugs… all 100% naturally.

  • More testosterone? You’re stronger and can lift more weight.
  • More HGH? Your muscles grow larger.
  • More endorphins? Your stress levels plummet.

To put it simply:
If you want to gain more muscle and you want to gain it quickly, increase your TUT.

Discover How To Build More Testosterone, HGH & Lactic Acid NATURALLY…
With A Simple “Tweak” To Your Workout >>

How Do You Increase Your TUT?
The “Missing Ingredient” In Mass-Market Workouts, Revealed…

The reason you haven’t seen results from “mass market” workouts is because they don’t include your workout tempo. (This is the speed at which you raise and lower the weight.)

Without this crucial information, you can not control your TUT. And so, you can not control your muscle mass gains!

It really is as simple as this: Add tempo to sets and reps and your TUT goes up. Which means your body packs on more and more rock hard, lean muscle - fast!

Knowing this, I built a brand new workout program which not only gives you the sets and reps for each exercise… but the “tempo” (aka the “speed”) for each exercise, too. So you get maximum TUT. (And maximum shirt-shredding results!)

I call this program “The Real Mass Program” because I show you how to build real, natural muscle that you can keep forever. There are no tricks. There are no supplements. There are no “bulking” or cheating tips.

No. Instead, you get eight to ten pounds of rock hard muscle - which you will keep forever - all in just under eight weeks.

(If you start this program TODAY…)

What’s Inside
The Real Mass Program?

The “Real Mass” Program is made up of four books - short enough you can flip through them easily, and yet packed with powerful information.

In The Training Guide...

In The Training Guide, you discover exactly which exercises, sets and reps to do… if you want to pack on UP TO TEN POUNDS of lean, rock hard muscle quicker than you have in your life. You learn about the three kinds of sets that most workouts don’t use (yet they’re crucial if you struggle to gain mass.)

In fact, if you read nothing else… watch nothing else… and follow no one else for the next eight weeks, this guide alone will pack on muscle. Which makes it worth your time and money. HOWEVER! Real Mass comes with three more manuals, all as valuable as this one…

In The Nutrition Prescription...

In the Nutrition Prescription, you discover how to eat so your muscles grow themselves. Building lean muscle is more complicated - biologically - than just burning fat cells.

So you need to know exactly what kinds of food to eat to gain lean weight. Otherwise, your body will feel so hungry, it will gobble up everything in sight. And then you gain chubby weight instead of lean muscle.

The Macro & Grocery Guide...

In the Macro & Grocery Guide, you discover everything you need to know about protein, carbs and fat. Plus, you learn how easy it can be to shop your way to a bigger body. Ever wonder how you can stop snacking? Ever wonder how to cook healthy meals, every night?

The answer is only shop for the good foods, and you won’t have crap in your house! The Macro & Grocery Guide shows you exactly how to do just that.

The Exercise Library

Finally, The Exercise Library is the crown jewel of the system: In it, you discover exactly how to do every exercise revealed in Real Mass.

You get full color pictures of the start and end form, so you don’t hurt yourself… or rob yourself of full range of motion. (The absolute key to getting round, symmetrical muscles.)

These Programs Themselves Each Retail For $49.99

For A TOTAL VALUE OF $199.99!

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For The Next 30 Days…

Simply open the Training Guide and read your workout. Ignore everything else.

Thirty days from now, you’ll look in the mirror and marvel. As your frame has packed on five to eight pounds of lean, hard muscle. That fast!

Use the Exercise Guide to pick up perfect form and your muscles will fill and swell in size… Eat properly with the Nutrition Prescription and watch as the veins bulge out of your muscles… Shop correctly with the Macro Guide and laugh as your junk food cravings soothe themselves away.

In fact… try my whole Real Mass program for THIRTY full days, absolutely at my risk. If… after just thirty days… you don’t shock yourself when you look in the mirror… just contact me for a full refund.

I’ll let you keep the complete program to say “Thank You” for giving it a try!

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