Real Mass Push Pull
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Real Mass Push Pull
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This program split is a Progression from our Real Mass. It’s a 3 days on with one day off to rest, then you repeat. We created this program to help you build strength and lean muscle! It can be used for any training goal; ex. cutting or bulking or simply enhancing your human performance.

It's a 12 weeks, ideally, we recommend doing this longer. The better you get at the movements, the stronger and more muscle you will build and all that takes time.


Day 1: Push Day (Chest, Shoulders, Triceps)
Day 2: Pull Day (Back, Traps, and Biceps)
Day 3: Leg Day (Quads, Hamstrings, & Calves)
Day 4: Take a Rest or Active Rest (always listen to your body)

The “Real Mass Push/Pull ” Series is made up of four books - short enough you can flip through them easily, and yet packed with powerful information.


  • Training Guide: In The Training Guide, you discover exactly which exercises, sets and reps to do… if you want to pack on lean, rock hard muscle quicker than you have in your life. You learn about time under tension (TUT) and its critical role in building strength and lean muscle.
  • Exercise Library: This program also come an Exercise Library showing you the movements, from start to finish.  Proper form for each exercise on the program is super critical, so we ensure you have a guide to execute each exercise correctly and safely.
  • Nutrition Prescription: In this guide, you will discover how to eat so your muscles grow themselves. Building lean muscle is more complicated biologically - than just burning fat cells. So you need to know exactly what kinds of foods to eat to gain lean weight. Otherwise your body will feel so hungry, it will gobble up everything in sight. And then you gain chubby weight instead of muscle.
  • Macro & Grocery Guide: In the Macro & Grocery Guide, you discover everything you need to know about protein, carbs and fat. Plus, you learn how easy it can be to shop your way to a bigger body. Ever wonder how you can stop snacking? Ever wonder how to cook healthy meals, every night? The answer is only shop for the good foods, and you won’t have crap in your house! The Macro & Grocery Guide shows you exactly how to do just that.
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